• OPTIMA Installed and commissioned Cement Silo Weighing System at One Of The Renowned Cement Panel Manufacturer

    OPTIMA supplied LAUMAS range of silo weiging system to this customer. The silo is consisting of four legs hence we supplied 4 Compression Load Cells and 4 Weighing Module (Mounting Kit). Customer selected us over our competitors as we provided technically advanced solution at competitive rates. The system is supplied with TLB4 weight transmitters which is a digital equilisation unit and indicator(two in one solution). Being digital equilisation unit, it can measure health of each load cell and in the event of fault with any load cell, it shows error message with load cell number. This relly helps in monitoring of the health condition of silo weighing systems. While on the other side, with traditional mechanical junction box, the corner adjustment is tedious job and there is no health monitoring of the loadcells.

    Because of these advanced features, OPTIMA has been successful with Silo Weighing Systems at various applications. We have become number one choice for our customer when it comes to Silo / Tank weighing sytems.

    Please contact us if you have any such requirements. 

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  • PRISMA Checkweigher Installation & Commissioning at Food Factory

    Optima recently commissioned PRISMA checkweigher series 11D3 at a very well known food factory in NSW. The system is going to be used for nine different types of packaging with different weights and size of the packaging. The system was fully commissioned with very high accuray of checkweighing. 

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