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Seamless Packaging with Accuracy- Automated Liquid Filling Machines from Optima Weight

Whether you are in the production field, or contract manufacturing, moving to automated packaging is a big step for your business. Especially if you are in the beverage, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry, having an automatic liquid filling machine can be a game-changer to improve speed, and consistency and make operation easier. Are you looking for the best liquid-filling machine? Well, at Optima Weight, we have some of the most advanced and precise liquid fillers that can improve your efficiency on so many levels.

Our Product Range

Being one of the most-sought options for bottling machines, we have an extensive product range that includes:

  • Automatic Liquid Filling Machines: These are designed for high-volume production environments. Our range of automatic liquid filling machines is great for large-scale operations so, here speed and precision are irreplaceable.
  • Bag in Box Liquid Filling Machine:  Looking for the best liquid filling machinery for packing bulk liquids efficiently? Well, with our bag-in-box liquid fillers, you get an excellent solution for storing and dispensing liquids, and this can come in handy in different applications including the F&B industry.
  • Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine: These bottle liquid filling machines are specifically created for the cosmetic industry to ensure gentle handling and precise filling of delicate high-viscosity products. The cosmetic filling machine is made for creamy and non flowable products and it can fill container sizes up to 500g. With our high-viscosity liquid filling machine, key players in the cosmetic industry can maintain the integrity and quality of their products without any setbacks.
  • Chemical Liquid Filling Machines: In addition, we also have digital control liquid filling machines for handling chemicals and they are designed to resist corrosion and handle hazardous chemicals safely.
  • Multi-Head Liquid Filling Machines: Want to increase your production capacity with a top-notch viscous liquid filling machine? Well, our multi-head liquid fillers can do the job. These volumetric liquid filling machines are designed to fill multiple containers simultaneously, hence boosting your efficiency and throughput.
  • Manual Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine: If you have a small-scale production, or you are one of those artisanal operators, this liquid filling machine in Sydney can be a great idea. Our manual liquid filling machine in Australia offers precision filling through volumetric measurements, so you get consistent output, more flexibility and control over the filling process.
  • Paste Liquid Filling Machine: Our Paste Liquid Filling Machine is designed to handle viscous products like creams, gels, and pastes. With a modular system and electric mode, the paste liquid machine we have in our inventory is easy and fast clearing with detachable screw connections between pump and drive module. The technology used in our liquid filling machine allows you to start immediately without long instructions for better usability.
  • Electronic Liquid Filler: Our electronic liquid filling equipment is suitable for all free flow liquids and it can be used for filling liquids like perfumes, e-liquids, propolis, base, acids, inks and abrasive substances in aqueous solutions, essential oils, vinegars, spirits, and more. The operator can trigger the filling process with a foot switch frame and sensor, and the performance range is adjustable by selection of different hose sizes.  
  • Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine: Our Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine in Australia is perfect for filling containers with low-viscosity liquids prone to foaming. This machine uses vacuum technology to ensure a consistent fill level, preventing overflow and ensuring product integrity. It’s widely used in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Optima Weight- Industry Forerunners in Liquid Filling Technology

Optima Weightech is an acknowledged Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader and Service Provider of superior quality Liquid Filling Machines. We have reached this position thanks to our 4 main obsessions: Premium Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Exceptional Customer Service.

We became well known in Australia for providing benchmark customer service, technical support and reliable supply, a reputation that is still getting stronger to this day.


Chocolate Spread, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut Hash, Honey & Cream Honey, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustards, Sauces, Jam & Marmelade, Tomato Paste, Pepper Paste, Cream Cheese, Cheese Spread, Labne, Yogurt, Milk, Ayran, Clotted Milk, Molasses, Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Syrups, Pomgrenade Concentrate, Edible Oils, Pre-cooked Meals, American Salad, Mashed Vegetables, Tapenade, Glaze, Toppings, Soups, etc.

Cosmetic Oils, Cosmetic Creams, Shampoo, Conditioner, Liquid Soap, Bodywash, Hair Cream, Body Lotion, Peelings, Face and Body Mask, Waxes, Gels, Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly), Foundation, BB Cream, etc.

Ointments, Lotions, Glycerin, disinfectants, biomedical and sanitary products, veterinary products, etc.

Paints, Glue (PVA), Hydrogen peroxide, ink, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Varnish, Household Product, Engine Oil, Glass cleaner, Anti-Freeze, etc.

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Viscous Filling Machine
Filling Capacity: Up to 500 Gms. For non flowable and viscous products, e.g: • syrup, molasses • sauces, purees • mustard, ketchup • creamy yoghurt • liquid soap, shower gel and shampoo
Cosmetics Filling Machines
Filling Capacity: Up to 500 Gms. For non-flowy, thick and viscous products e.g: • Cream cheese, curds, yoghurt • Creams, ointments, fats • Technical pastes and greases • hair colors

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Case Study

Case Studies - 800 x 600 (2)
OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and commissioned a filling machine to a cosmetic products manufacturer based in Gold Coast.
OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and commissioned automatic filling machine to a cosmetic products...
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OPTIMA recently supplied, installed, and commissioned Liquid filling machine for one of the top pharmaceutical companies.
OPTIMA recently supplied, installed, and commissioned Liquid filling machine for one of the top pharmaceutical...
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"Thank you Optima for your wonderful service. Your offered load cells and weight transmitters are helping in our research currently and we are impressed with your products specifications."

Juan Lee

The University of Queensland

"Excellent service and knowledge provided. We needed a solution for our liquid packaging and Optima provided the best possible solution. The system is working fine and results are satisfactory. "

Stephen Philips

Real Foods

"Sandeep, you asked me if you are happy with your service. Let me tell you that Optima had quoted and delivered the product via air freight from Germany before other suppliers returned our call. Outstanding!"

John Marrett


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