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01. Creativity By Optima Weightech

Optima Weightech is an acknowledged Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader and Service Provider of superior quality Industrial Automation and Process Weighing Systems. We have reached this position thanks to our 4 main obsessions: Premium Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Exceptional Customer Service.

We became well known in Australia for providing benchmark customer service, technical support and reliable supply, a reputation that is still getting stronger to this day.

An In-Depth Look At The Modern Packaging Machines Of Optima Weight

The world of packaging is constantly evolving, with newer and more innovative machines creating ripples across industries. From snacks and fresh produce to medicines and industrial goods, packaging machines in Australia are ubiquitous, keeping the country’s economy up and running. They streamline the packaging process, lowering production costs, increasing productivity and ensuring that the products reach your customers in mint condition. At Optima Weight, we have a range of semi-automated and automated food packaging equipment that can usher your business to greater heights.

Let us help you fill your bags – We have the suitable filling technology to meet your challenge.

OPTIMA specialises in Bagging Machines, Packaging Machines for any type of material. OPTIMA is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machinery in Australia. We have been supplying quality packaging equipment since 2014. Our products include filling, sealing, labelling, palletizing, strapping, folding, cutting, printing, and many other types of packaging machinery.

Whether you’re looking for a small or large scale production line, we have the right solution for you. We’ll show you why our machines are the most popular in Australia.

Packaging machinery is used to package products into containers. It includes equipment that packages food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other consumer goods. Our packaging lines are designed with ease of use in mind. They are easy to operate, maintain, and clean. Our machines are also highly reliable and durable.

Machines for packaging are used to package products such as food, beverages, cosmetics, etc. They are also known as packaging machines or packaging equipment. Packaging machines are used in many industries, including food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, beverage production, and cosmetic manufacturing. There are various types of packaging machines available in the market. Each machine has its own set of features and specifications. Depending on the size and capacity of the machine, the cost of the machine varies.

Our range of products includes automatic machines, manual machines, semi-automatic machines, vertical form fill sealers, horizontal form fill sealers, carton sealing machines, folding machines, printing machines, label printers, die cutting machines, bag making machines, box making machines, palletizers, shrink wrapping machines, corrugators, roll forming machines, and many more. Here we have explained a few:

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines (VFFS) –If there’s a product that has revolutionised the way businesses handle packaging, it is the VFFS packaging machines. These dynamos transform a flat roll of film into a tube, fill it with the product and seal it – top and bottom. This feature makes them the perfect choice for an array of businesses, from snacks and spices to medicines and chemicals. But wait, there’s more. Our vertical packaging machines don’t just handle everything from powders and granules to liquids efficiently, but also take up very little space, leaving more room for other machinery.

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machines (HFFS)– Does your produce need to stay flat during packaging? If yes, our horizontal packaging machine might be just what you need. Here, a flat film unwinds and forms a tube, the product gets placed inside gently and then, the ends are sealed. This is the perfect choice if your business needs a chips, biscuits, cheese, candy bars or even a yoghurt packaging machine. Our innovative machines for packaging work really fast, while delivering consistent quality, easily adapting to products in a range of different sizes and shapes.

Horizontal Flow Pack Machines – If your company deals with high-volume packaging like candy bars, biscuits, and medical supplies, horizontal flow pack machines can be an ideal choice. Our horizontal packaging equipment for food wraps your produce in a continuous roll of film, sealing along the length and cutting it into individual packages. Our flow pack packaging machines are the champions of high-speed production, providing incredible quality while maintaining excellent hygiene.

Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machines – Are you looking for packaging machines in Australia that add a dash of elegance to your products? Our pre-made pouch-filling machines might just be what you have been looking for. They pick up an empty pouch, open it, fill it and seal it. From ready-to-eat meals and pet food to beauty products and cleaning ingredients, our machines for packaging handle various pouch styles and accommodate a wide range of product types and viscosities.

Fresh Produce Packaging Machines – Does your business primarily deal with fruits and vegetables? Then, our premium fresh produce packaging equipment is a must-have. They fill the package with fresh items and seal them flawlessly to preserve their freshness. Their top-of-the-line produce packaging helps you extend the shelf life of your products and maintain quality, reducing food waste considerably.

Types of Packaging Machines:

  • Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines
  • Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machines
  • Horizontal Flow Pack Machines
  • Pre Made Pouch Filling Machines
  • Fresh Produce Packaging Machines
  • Product Types: Dry Food, Wet Food, Snacks, Granules, Sweets, Bakery, Vegetables, Fruits, Liquids, Powders, Meat, Hardware etc. In short we have a packaging machines for any type of products.

Bag Types: Pillow Bag, Gusset Bags, Block Bottom Bags, Three Side Seal Bags, Four Side Seal Bags, DOY Packs, Net Bags, Bags with Duct Tape Closing, Bags with Kwik Lok Closing etc. In short we have a packaging machines for any type of bags.

OPTIMA can provide turnkey solutions for Weighing, Filling and Bagging/Packaging and Inspection Systems.

As a complete solution provider, we have range of

  • Multihead Weighers
  • Multihead Linear Weighers For Fresh Produce
  • Linear Weighers
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal Detectors
  • X-Ray Inspection Systems

Drop A Line Today

No matter what line of business you are in, we have the perfect packaging machinery in Australia for all.

As every application is different in this sector we recommend you to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will visit you to understand your requirements.

We also offer custom solutions for our customers. If you need any type of packaging machine, we will provide you with an accurate quote based on your requirements. You can contact us at anytime through email, phone.

If you’re looking for a reliable packaging company, then you’ve found us! We offer a range of services to help you achieve your business goals. Our team will work with you to find the perfect machine for your needs. We provide free quotes and advice so you can make an informed decision.

View our complete range of Multihead Weighers, Linear Weighers, Verticle Form,Fill and Seal Machines (VFFS), Semi & Fully Automatic Bagging Systems in the following selection guide OR

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Multihead Weighers
OPTIMA specialises in Multihead Weighers. Over 26 years of experience in the field of Multihead Weighers makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry.
Linear Weighers
OPTIMA specialises in Linear Weighers. Over 26 years of experience in the field of Linear Weighers makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry.

We Have The Best Solution For Your Applications

Case Study

OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and commissioned a Single Head Linear Weigher at salt supplier in NSW.
OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and commissioned a Single Head Linear Weigher at salt supplier in...
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"Excellent service and knowledge provided. We needed a solution for our liquid packaging and Optima provided the best possible solution. The system is working fine and results are satisfactory. "

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"Sandeep, you asked me if you are happy with your service. Let me tell you that Optima had quoted and delivered the product via air freight from Germany before other suppliers returned our call. Outstanding!"

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