Spiral Conveyors

OPTIMA conveyors represents a new concept in vertial conveying, based on a low friction chain slat arrangement. Our spiral conveyors are attractive because of they have a higher throughput capacity, requires less space, generate less noise, consumes less energy, costs less to install, need less maintanannce and have longer life compared to conventional conveyors.The spiral conveyors are also known as spiral or case lifts, spiral elevators, and spiral lowerators.  OPTIMA speciliases in Speciality Spiral Conveyors. Built on years of experies, our spiral conveyors are rugged,realiable and long lasting.

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    Our Spiral Conveyors are of a modular design and are available in several standard versions to accommodate a broad range of loads and applications. These spirals can go up or down and be made revesible. All models can have extended in and out feed, making Spiral Lifts easy to fit in most layouts. 

    High Throughput: The standard load capacity is 30 Kgs per linear foot of conveyor for speeds up to 200 feet per minute. 

    Single Drive: The Spiral Conveyors need only one drive motor, even for units several stories tall. This equals to substantial savings in controls and system integrations.

    Small Footprint: Spiral Conveyors have the smallest footprint available and therefore provide substanial space savings.

    Overlapting Slats: The overlapting slats provide smooth efficient conveying surface suitable for a wide variety of loads and sizes. The slats are made up of fiberglass reinforced Polyamide and are available in widths of 4", 6", 8", 12", 16", 20" and 26". 

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    Technologies through innovative solutions in industrial freezing and chilling closely oriented to the stringent requirements of its customers: Cost-efficient, long-life, energy-efficient and customized. We experts in frozen food applications ensure that the best solution for your product. Our spiral freezers and chillers are designed for hygiene, high- efficiency and reliability. We guarantee quality and safe products throughout your entire freezing or chilling process.

    Applications: Backery & Pastry, Containers/ Pots & Ready Meals, Dairy Products & Ice Creams, Meat, Poultry, Sauce & Liquids, Sea Food, Vegetables, Wheat & Grain Products. 


    • Continuous inline food freezing

    • Gentle, smooth handling of product

    • Factory assembled and tested

    • Stainless steel constructed

    • Easy access to sanitation and maintenance

    • Tailor made Solutions , Cost Effective

    • Energy Saving Great Flexibility

    • Standard Solutions

    • Minimum Defrosting Requirements

    • Longer Production Hours

    • Small foot prints, Saving in processing floor space

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