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Accuracy in Every Gram

Precision Checkweigher Machines from Optima If you are searching for something that can weigh items passing down the production line, you are probably looking for checkweighers. They are of immense help in quality control and food manufacturing. Especially if you are looking for a check weigher system that can meet the demands of your evolving industry, our product line is the way to go.

Browse the selection of our checkweighers and find out what suits your production demands best.

What are Checkweighers and How Do they Work?

An automatic checkweigher system helps manufacturers check product weights and ensure all item weights fall within the correct range. How does this help? Well, using automatic checkweighers, food manufacturers can reduce waste, comply with regulations and ensure they have a satisfied customer base with consistent weights for all products in the same category.

If you are thinking about how an automatic checkweigher machine works, let us tell you, that it compares product weights against the weight limits you specify. For instance, if a product weighs 100 grams, the machine rejects any item that deviates precisely from this weight. Every precision checkweigher has a monitor that shows the item’s weight and a reject belt steers any overweight or underweight products from the conveyor line.

Features that Set our Checkweigher Equipment Apart

OPTIMA specialises in checkweigher systems. Over 26 years of experience in the field of instepctions systems makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry. We represent a world leading brand Techik in Australia.

Techik has installed over 10,000 dynamic check weighing systems on the production and packaging lines of businesses all over the world.

Applications: Food, Pharma, Fresh Produce, Packaging, Industrial etc. In short we have a checkweigher solution for any application.

Packaging Types: Loose, Bags, Boxed, Plastic, Alluminium Foils, Jars, Cans, Bottles, etc. In short we have a checkweigher solution for any product and any type packaging.

Maximum Output: Up to 700 parts per minute

Techik checkweighers are available with up to IP69K degree of protection and can be integrated with metal detectors.

Several features make our AQS checkweigher scales the best in the industry. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • High-Speed Weighing: For one, when you opt for our checkweigher conveyor, you get a system capable of handling high-speed production lines without compromising accuracy. With the throughput rate of our checkweigher machines, you can keep pace with the fastest manufacturing environments, and maintain efficiency while ensuring every product meets quality standards.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Being one of the leading checkweigher manufacturers, we have checkweighers for sale that have the simplest interface. From setting weight parameters to viewing real-time data, operators can use our machines seamlessly without investing much in training time.
  • Customisable Options: Our checkweigher service is customisable as well. Whether you need a produce checkweigher machine or a checkweigher in pharma, you can rest assured, that we have everything from varying conveyor sizes to speed sizes to customise the reject mechanisms and suit your exact requirements.

Why Choose Optima’s Checkweigher System?

OPTIMA is one of the best companies for checkweigher solutions because we have more than 5 years of experience in the field of inspections. Our profound expertise in delivering dynamic checkweighers makes us one of the most reliable solution providers. From food, pharma, and produce to packaging and industrial applications, our high-speed checkweigher systems offer a maximum output of up to 700 parts per minute. From 5kg to 10,000g and 50 kg, we have different industrial checkweighers with great accuracy and production rates of 75ppm, 250ppm, 400ppm, 155ppm, and more.

For more information about our checkweigher scale, or quotes about our produce checkweigher machine, feel free to reach out to our team of professionals for checkweigher and cap inspection, or browse our catalogue.

To provide complete turnkey solution for your need, OPTIMA can offer Miltihead Weighers, Linear Weighers, Packaging Machines, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors , X-Ray Inspection Systems and all accesories.

View our complete range of Checkweigher Systems in the following selection guide OR

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Best Checkweighers Supplier- Checkweigher forSmallPackage- OPTIMA Weightech

IXL Series

Checkweigher for Small Packages, Capacity of 10000 g, Accuracy from ± 0.05 g and a Production Rate of 250 ppm

Product Information
Top Checkweigher Machine Supplier- Checkweigher for Big Package - OPTIMA Weightech

IXL-L Series

Checkweigher for Large Packages, Capacity of 50Kg, Accuracy from ± 1 g and a Production Rate of 75 ppm

Product Information
Leading Checkweigher System Supplier- High-SpeedCheckweigher - OPTIMA Weightech

IXL-H Series

High Speed Checkweigher for Packaged Products, Capacity of 5Kg, Accuracy from ± 0.1 g and a Production Rate of 400 ppm

Product Information
Best Checkweighers Supplier Australia-ComboMachine - OPTIMA Weightech

IMC Series

Combo Checkweigher and Metal Detecotr for Packaged Products, Capacity of 5kg, Accuracy from ± 0.1 g and a Production Rate of 155 ppm

Product Information

IXL-SG Series

Multi Sorting Checkweigher, Capacity of 5Kg, Accuracy from ± 0.05 g and a Production Rate of 200 ppm

Product Information

IXL-GWS-S Series

Multi Weight Sorting Checkweigher for small-medium format products, Accuracy from ± 0.5 g and a Production Rate of 300 ppm

Product Information

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