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OPTIMA specialises in Labelling Machines and Labelling Systems. Over 26 years of experience in the field of labelling machines makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry.

DWR ROUND is a semi-automatic labelling machine for the application of self-adhesive labels to cylindrical products. It is available with a maximum label width of 200 mm, and is equipped with an unwind unit which accepts reels with a maximum diameter of 300 mm, providing long operation autonomy.

Labels are detected using a fork photocell, which reads the transparency; an ultrasound sensor which reads the thickness is available for when transparent labels are used.

DWR ROUND can apply wraparound or front/back labels, even of different dimensions positioned on the same reel. DWR ROUND can even apply labels in phase by reading a coloured notch on the product or a previously applied label, for example.

DWR ROUND can also be equipped with an inkjet marker with HP technology for printing variable data such as date and time, barcodes and text with a maximum height of 12.7 mm, a resolution of 300 dpi and speed synchronised with the label supply speed. The text, prepared on a PC using the supplied software, is transferred to the marker via a USB stick.

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DWR Round Semi-Automatic

DWR Semi Automatic Labelling Machine For Round Bottles

Product Information

LABELX® JR TF Semi-Automatic

Semiautomatic labeller for application onto vials and cylindrical products with small diameter with Product diameter: min. 8 mm – max. 25 mm and Max. label width: 140 mm

Product Information

LABELX® JR TPN Semi-Automatic

Semiautomatic labeller for application onto flat products with optional positioners for adjustable guides - templates for irregular products.

Product Information

LABELX® JR TT Semi-Automatic

Semiautomatic labeller for application onto empty tubes for cosmetic products. Product diameter: min. 20 mm – max. 60 mm. Max. product length: 200 mm and Max. label width: 140-250 mm.

Product Information

LABELX® JR TR Semi-Automatic

Semiautomatic labeller for application onto cylindrical products: bottles, flacons, cans, jars with diameter: min. 30 mm - max. 120 mm and Max. label width: 140-250 mm.

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