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Upgrade Food Quality To Perfection With Premium Food X-Ray Machines From Optima Weight

The food industry of today varies vastly from those of the yesteryears. Gone are the days when being lax about food safety and quality was acceptable. Now, with customers expecting the absolute best and regulations getting tougher than ever, maintaining premium quality is the only way for your business to survive. Whether you own a fresh produce business or a packaging one, a sure-shot way of staying on top of your game is investing in food X-ray inspection equipment from Optima Weight. You might be wondering why. Well, OPTIMA specialises in Food X-Ray Inspection Systems. Over 26 years of experience in the field of instepctions systems makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry. We represent a world leading brand Techik in Australia.

Applications: Food, Pharma, Fresh Produce, Packaging, Industrial etc. In short we have an X-Ray Inspection Systems for any application.

Packaging Types: Loose, Bags, Boxed, Plastic, Alluminium Foils, Jars, Cans, Bottles, etc. In short we have an X-Ray Inspection Systems for any product and any type packaging.

Food X-ray inspection systems base their operation on differences in density and, therefore, on the different ray absorption levels of objects unrelated to the product.

Therefore, with a single system it is possible to inspect a series of unidentifiable features:

  • Comprehensive Contaminant Detection– Ever worried about any harmful objects slipping through undetected, wreaking havoc on your brand’s reputation? Our food x-ray systems, equipped with cutting-edge technology, contaminants like bones, stones, ceramic, PVC, Teflon, glass, rubber, fibreglass, etc, leaving no room for error and ensuring top-quality products every time. 
  • Spotting Metals Where Others Can’t – Most X-ray machines can expertly detect standard metals, but here is where our X-ray inspection machines stand apart from the rest. They can identify non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel metal contaminants, even inside metal film packages or with aluminium foil. No matter where it is hidden, our food X-ray machine sees through it all.
  • Keeping Packages Perfectly Intact – Do you know what can be a nightmare situation for your business? Sending out packages with compromised integrity. Our x-ray for food inspection fastidiously scours for package defects like deformations and cracks, ensuring that every package leaving your premises isn’t just secure, but flawlessly too.
  • Ensuring Completely And Correctly Filled Products – Whether you own a makeup brand or a soft drinks one, underfilled packages slipping through the cracks don’t make a pretty sight. Our food x-ray inspection equipment can be your ally in this regard. They can verify every product’s completeness and fill level, even in closed packages. With our X-ray inspection machines, you can rest assured your customers get what they paid for.
  • Verifying Crucial Components – Does your company hand out surprises with its products? Whether you are giving them out as a marketing strategy or an essential part of your product, our food X-ray machine ensures they are all present and accounted for. From ensuring the presence of necessary elements like the surprise inside a chocolate egg and pins in a packaged shirt, to promotional products such as make-up sponges and puffs, these x-ray food inspection equipment don’t just help your company look professional, but maintain the quality of your products.
  • Precise Weighing And Air Bubble Detection – In the dynamic realm of business where even the smallest of errors can cause the biggest of impacts, ensuring precise specification of your products before they hit the market isn’t an option – it’s a necessity to maintain your space in the market. Our X-ray food inspection systems offer dynamic weighing and air bubble detection, catching even the smallest of anomalies. This means unrivalled precision for every one of your products.

Features –

The operator panel, equipped with touchscreen and an advanced user interface, makes configuring and use extremely intuitive. The low levels of radiation used make sure that the product is not damaged by the X-rays. The use of materials that guarantee no radiation accumulation and the application of excellent quality active and passive safety systems ensure total machine reliability in complete compliance with the ISO-FDA HAACP, BRC, etc. standards.

The components require no or minimal maintenance; in any case, servicing is very quick, thanks to how simple the disassembly and washing operations are.

They are available with a degree of protection up to IP65, can be integrated into Checkweigher Systems and installed within online systems for process analysis.

Our premium X-ray for food inspection comes with auto-learning and self-check functions, streamlining the process. Additionally, they are equipped with 3-level password protection and use single beam X-ray, ensuring optimum security without damaging the integrity of the products. With a 15” TFT colour touch-screen display and digital electronics, handling X-ray inspection systems has never been easier. Available in two models, our machines redefine X-ray food inspection across industries, such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics.

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To provide complete turnkey solution for your need, OPTIMA can offer Miltihead Weighers, Linear Weighers, Packaging Machines, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors and all accesories.

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Invest in a top-of-the-line x-ray machine for food processing from Optima Weight and watch your business soar to greater heights.

TXR 4080

X-ray inspection for packaged products with a maximum capacity of 25000 g and dimensions up to 600 x 300 mm

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TXE XX15 Series

Economical X-ray inspection for packaged/loose products with a maximum capacity of 25000 g and dimensions up to 380mm x 150 mm

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