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Accurate and Efficient Multihead Weighers from Optima Weight

Are you looking for the best multihead weighers that can help you get unparalleled precision and speed in the food packaging industry? Well, if the answer is yes, our range of commercial multihead weighers can be your one-stop destination. With 10 or 14 heads, our range of multihead weighers in Australia supports different weighing capacities and is available for a wide range of product applications. 

How Multihead Weighers Work?

In case you are wondering how industrial multihead weighers work let us tell you their functioning. They operate by distributing the product across multiple weighing heads, and each weighing head contains a load cell. The product is first fed into a central dispersion unit, which then distributes it into the individual weigh heads. Each head calculates the weight of its portion, and a computer system quickly determines the best combination of weights to achieve the target weight with minimal deviation. Then, this combination is released into the packing unit, and the process is rapidly repeated for high-speed, accurate and consistent weighing of different products. 

Benefits of Multihead Weighers?

There are several advantages of using a multihead weigher machine. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Precision and Accuracy: For one, when you opt for our multihead weigher packing machine, you get exceptional accuracy, so every package contains the exact amount of product. How does this precision help? Well, when you follow the multihead weigher user manual, you get maximum yield and this leads to significant cost savings.
  • High-Speed Operation: If you are using multihead weighers for something in bulk, for instance, multihead weighers for pet food or snack food, the machine can help you handle high production rates, which makes them ideal for businesses. With quick and accurate weighing, the process reduces bottlenecks and speeds up the overall production as well.
  • Versatility: Multihead weighers can handle a wide variety of products, from snacks and confectionery to frozen foods and granules. Their adaptable design allows for easy adjustments to accommodate different product types and packaging requirements.
  • Consistency: By providing uniform product weights, multihead weighers ensure consistency across all packages. This uniformity is crucial for maintaining quality standards and meeting customer expectations.
  • Reduced Waste: The precise measurement capabilities of multihead weighers help in reducing product waste. Less giveaway means more product is utilized effectively, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

High-Quality Multihead Weigher from Optima Weight

OPTIMA specialises in Multihead Weighers. Over 26 years of experience in the field of Multihead Weighers makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry.

Product Types: For free and semi-free flowing products including beans, rice, poultry, snack food, confections, fresh produce, spices, coffee, pet food, frozen foods, chemicals, hardware and more.

The Multihead Weighers are available in wide range of models and configurations to be able to weigh all kinds of food and non-food products. The structure is completely made exclusively of stainless steel. All parts in contact with the product can be quickly and easily disassembled for thorough cleaning.

Our Multihead Weighers are available with 10 to 24 heads with weighing range up to 25,000 g.

As every application is different in this sector we recommend you to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will visit you to understand your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

If you are scouring the web for a multihead weigher that can help you with accurate weighing, we have a diverse product line to accommodate your needs and industry requirements. With an intuitive touch screen, pre-set program memory, staggered dump to avoid product jam, and instant hopper vibration index for better control, we offer you state-of-the-art multihead weighers for food production. There are other features as well, and this makes us the best option for getting a multihead weigher platform.

Need more information, or want an estimate? Contact us right away or browse through our catalogue!

To provide complete solution Optima has Multihead Weighers, Linear Weighers, Packaging Machines, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, X-Ray Inspection Systems.

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High-RatedMultihead Weighers Suppliers -Economic-10 Head Small - OPTIMA Weightech

Standard Multihead Weigher

Standard Multihead Weigher, 10 or 14 heads, 1.3L or 2.5L hoppers, up to 120 weighs per minute

Product Information

High Speed Multihead Weigher

High Speed Multihead Weigher, Wtih 10 or 14 heads, 2.5L hopper, Up to 140 weighs per minute

Product Information

Large Volume Multihead Weigher

Large Volume Multihead Weigher, With 10 or 14 heads, 5.5L hoppers, Up to 120 weighs per minute

Product Information
Top-RatedMultihead Weighers Suppliers –24 Head Weigher - OPTIMA Weightech

Mixed Multihead Weigher

Mixed Multihead Weighers, 18 20 or 24 heads, 1L 1.5L or 2.5L hoppers, Up to 180 weighs per minute

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Real Foods

"Sandeep, you asked me if you are happy with your service. Let me tell you that Optima had quoted and delivered the product via air freight from Germany before other suppliers returned our call. Outstanding!"

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