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Redefining Efficiency And Reliability With Optima’s Spiral Conveyors

Have you been scouring for an industrial conveyance that transcends the boundaries of traditional solutions, bringing something absolutely new and innovative to the table? Well, your search ends here at Optima Weight. Here, we have thrown traditional thinking out the window and created a spiral conveyor that has had a game-changing effect across industries.

Optima spiral conveyors aren’t just a run-of-the-mill apparatus, they are an innovation – designed to usher vertical transportation to greater heights, quite literally! OPTIMA conveyors represents a new concept in vertial conveying, based on a low friction chain slat arrangement. Our spiral conveyors are attractive because of they have a higher throughput capacity, requires less space, generate less noise, consumes less energy, costs less to install, need less maintanannce and have longer life compared to conventional conveyors.The spiral conveyors are also known as spiral or case lifts, spiral elevators, and spiral lowerators. OPTIMA speciliases in Speciality Spiral Conveyors. Built on years of experies, our spiral conveyors are rugged,realiable and long lasting.

Efficiency At Its Core –

In the cutthroat industrial space of today, optimising productivity isn’t an option – it’s a strategy to survive. Our conveyors are exactly what you need to streamline the process, maximising the output. They ensure faster movement of the products through the production line by minimising downtime and increasing throughput, enhancing overall productivity. From food processing to manufacturing, this leading spiral conveyor by Optima can be a game-changing addition to your business.

Perfecting Space Usage –

In most modern production spaces, every inch counts. Our compact spiral conveyor can be a revolutionary addition to your business, allowing you to make the most out of the production area by efficiently utilising vertical space.  This ensures they occupy less floor space while handling substantial volumes of materials. This incredible flexibility doesn’t just help optimise the layout of your premises but makes the production process more streamlined.

Quiet And Sustainable Operations –

Did you know that in Australia, you aren’t allowed to expose your workers to noise exceeding 85 dBA over 8 hours? (Source – Noise – Overview | Safe Work Australia). While a traditional conveyor does a great job of transporting goods, the noise produced can be much higher than the allowed range, resulting in your and your workers’ discomfort and even hearing damage. Our spiral conveyors operate quietly in the background without compromising on performance. Moreover, they are designed for energy efficiency, helping you reduce operational costs and boosting your profit margin. Plus, you cut down your carbon footprint, which is always a bonus.

Cost-Effective Installation And Maintenance –

Who said installing tech pieces and upgrading your production space has to break the bank? Optima conveyors can be seamlessly integrated into existing production setups, cutting down installation costs substantially. With durable construction and reliable components, our conveyors ensure less downtime and lower lifecycle costs, saving thousands of dollars over time.

Build To Last – 

If you are in a business that handles substantial loads of goods, you need a conveyor that you can trust to not break down in the middle of a working day. Backed by years of expertise, our spiral conveyors are built to withstand the wear and tear of industrial use. Their sturdy design and dependable performance ensure longevity, providing your business with a reliable solution that stands the test of time.

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Whether your business handles delicate baked goods or heavy-duty materials, Optima’s spiral conveyors adapt to a range of operational needs seamlessly across an array of industries.

To learn more about how much our spiral conveyor costs and how it can elevate your business to newer heights, drop us a line today.

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Spiral Conveyors, Up or Down, Slat Widths Up To 26 inches.

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Spiral Freezer Conveyors, For Any Food Products Packed Or Loose

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OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and comissioned a Spiral Conveyor at one of the largest automotive components supplier in Victoria.
OPTIMA recently supplied, installed and comissioned a Spiral Conveyor at one of the largest automotive...
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