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Food Metal Detectors from Optima Weight

Ensuring Purity in Every Bite

In the F&B industry, food safety is a major concern for even the industry giants. Although manufacturers and producers like to think their food is clean, trace metals and particulates can always contaminate the food. Food metal detectors have become a need of the hour because the unwanted particles can mix with the food processing facilities that use heavy machinery and handling equipment to sort, package and move consumables which might lead to physiological disorders.

Do you own a production facility for food or beverages and are looking for metal detectors for food? Opt for food-grade metal detectors from Optima Weight and keep your product line up to the industry standards.

Benefits of Metal Detectors for Food

Did you know with constant use, the machines used in the food manufacturing and processing industry can shed metal contaminants into the food products they handle? In fact, in 2015 alone, Unibright Foods recalled around 50,000 pounds of meat because it had extraneous metal materials from its in-house machinery! The unfortunate incident raised questions on the reliability of the company and cost the company thousands of dollars invested in the shipping and production of the contaminated batch.


However, if the firm had used food-grade metal detectors, the case would have been entirely different. Metal detectors in the food industry can pick up on the magnetic permeability or conductivity of metal particulates and detect ferrous metals like steel or cast iron, and non-ferrous metals like copper/lead/aluminium and stainless steel.

Applications of Metal Detectors in the Food Industry

At Optima Weight, we understand that different food products and processing environments require different detection solutions. This is why our food processing metal detectors are available for the following industries:

  • Packaged Foods: If you want to ensure the integrity of your packaged products and protect both the product and the packaging, our food processing metal detectors can be an excellent way to detect traces of heavy metals in the consumables.
  • Bakery and Confectionary: In addition, our product line of automatic metal detectors for food is also sensitive enough to detect small contaminants while handling delicate items with care.
  • Meat and Poultry: Our automatic metal detector machine for food can detect contaminants in both fresh and frozen meat and poultry products, so businesses can ensure safety throughout the supply chain.
  • Dairy Products: We also have the best food industry metal detector specifically designed to handle high moisture content and product effects associated with dairy items.

Food-Grade Metal Detector from Optima Weight

Innovative Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

OPTIMA specialises in Food Metal Detector Systems. Over 26 years of experience in the field of instepctions systems makes us most realiable solution provider in the industry. We represent a world leading brand Techik in Australia.

Techik has installed over 12000 food metal detectors on production lines of every sector; from food to pharmaceutical, from personal care to pet food, companies large and small have recognised the quality of our metal detectors and count on them to safeguard their products and protect their brand.

Applications: Pharma, Food, Bakery, Meat & Poulty, Vegetables, Fruits, Costmetics, Waste Recycling etc. In short we have a food metal detector for any application.

It can detect all metal contaminants in packaged and non-packaged products, including ferrous metal (Fe), non-ferrous metal (Copper, Aluminum etc.) and Stainless Steel.

Techik food metal detectors are available with a degree of protection up to IP69K, can be integrated into checkweigher systems and installed within online systems for process analysis.

Our range of IMD metal detectors is great for every industry. The IMD conveyor belt metal detector can detect all metal contaminants in packaged and non-packaged food. With the unique design of pneumatic retracting, the food manufacturing metal detector is suitable for detecting metal contaminants in various industries like aquatic products, meat & poultry, salted products, pastry, nuts, vegetables, chemical raw materials, pharmacy, cosmetics, and more.

Need more information, looking for a metal detector for food packaging, or want an estimate for food-safe metal detectors? Contact us today!

To provide complete turnkey solution for your need, OPTIMA can offer Miltihead Weighers, Linear Weighers, Packaging Machines, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors , X-Ray Inspection Systems and all accesories.

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